Friday, March 9, 2012

Michael' vs. Jo-ann why not both

With weekend upon us I wanted to chat about the two stores you can find me every weekend. Michael's and Jo-ann. Both stores have the pros and cons. So I thought I would familiarize you and give you tips on shopping these two big stores. My first suggestion always is to get to know sale people. In any store you love find a sales person you can talk to about sales and merchandise. They are best people to give suggestions and let you know what is going on in the store. I have gotten best deals because of wonderful sale associates. Second and this goes for every store as well sign-up for promotional email and facebook.

So let' me tell you about Michael’s. I smile every time I go in because any place you go there is sign saying sale. There are bins usually in the back or in a whole row and even in front. You have to dig ,but if you know what want you may find some gems. Look at the ads and be aware of what is one sale. The other thing to know is the lines can be awful depending on the time so be sure you give yourself plenty time. I always go in with list because it is easy to get distracted. Michael’s doesn’t have a fabric section. It has sewing supplies,but no fabric. Be sure to download the phone  app it has coupons on it and list of products they have. Never pay full price at Michael’s with coupon 40 % every week no need. I find customer service to be rally good. Most of people that work there love crafting and are enthustic so don’t be afraid to ask the sale associates for help or advice.

 Now let’s talk abut Jo-ann. Jo-ann is geared more for sewing and knitting. However, if you have no knowledge of these topics don’t expect to get explanation. They also have tons of other crafting and decor through out the store. I find customer service is not really high on their priorities so don’t expect to see a lot of people walking around answering questions. In saying that the prices can be amazing. So low you don’t care if you every see another person again. They have an phone app as well coupons included and search of their products. As long as you know what want you will be happy with awesome prices.
If you are crafter and like saving money it is worth trying both stores, but do your homework and have a list. 

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