Thursday, March 15, 2012

Classy,Unique and oddly enough an Altoids tin too

      Pinterest strikes again. I found this amazing pin of Altoids tins turned into a business card holder.

The one problem with Pinterest is person that came up with idea doesn’t credit for it . So after a little research and thousand clicks I wanted to give credit where credit is due Julie Ann and you can check out on her blog with lot’s of great ideas.  So here is how I made mine.

It was really quiet easy I used patterned tape and double stick tape. I am not quiet finished with box. I want to add message on the top of the box, however I have not decided what I want yet. I love this craft so classy and unique. Who knew the amazing things you can do with Altoids tins. Here are some more ideas of things to do with Altoids tins.

Click the picture to find more details on these ideas.

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