Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My dad's next door neighbor house

I am from a small town where be eccentric is the normal. It is tiny town where people still say hi to you and everyone knows each other. Organic and green is not trendy it is just a way of life. When I tell people I grow up there is only two response “where?” or “ it is so beautiful and quiet there.” I am from tiny town called Ojai, California it is near Santa Barbara and Ventura, California. People proudly display crazy where ever you go. The women that was crown all around town or Mountain man that wears all green everyday.

 I have brought you photos of my dad’s extraordinary house and know I bring you my dad’s next door neighbor. He is retired firefighter Chief. He makes amazing sculptures out of leftover parts of anything and everything. 

      Mostly he likes scrap metal. He told me he doesn’t make sculptors to sell them he makes them because he enjoys them. With my dad’s encouragement and tons of random scrap parts for his sculptors just keep getting more interesting. 
He is whimsical sense of humor can be seen in all of his wonderful works. Enjoy

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